It all started when I was six years old and decided I wanted to be a radio speaker. As children me and my friends continuously played with our tape-recorder and video camera. We would dress up, play roles and create shows for each other. Mostly we never surpassed the awkward humour stage - nevertheless we were creating our own worlds, themes and stories for another.

I believe that the art of storytelling creates the worlds we live in. When I sit down to record a Podcast Episode I get to listen to creative minds, open hearts and the uniqueness that sits within each and everyone of us.

What kind of humanity do we want to be?

What dream do you have that you share and contribute to this world?

Over the years as a digital native and global nomad, living on three continents, countless countries and learning to speak and listen in six languages, travel has taught me to be in touch with people, locals, foreigners and the natural world of diversity. My career in Marketing, Events and Media production is being fuelled by this diversity and natural abundance.

It is my true desire to impact and inspire the current Zeitgeist with the questions I ask and the content I produce.

Connect with me in the Green Planet Blue Planet Community on Facebook and share your personal growth, spiritual evolution and about your path of holistic well-being. I am excited to continue the conversation, let me give you this question to ponder in the meantime: 

If we as Planet Earth, as shared humanity had a common 200 year Vision - what would yours look like?


Listen to Greenplanet Blueplanet Podcast if you like and enjoy entertainment, dialogues and interviews that share insights, optimism and perspective on some of the worlds greatest challenges and opportunities. Learn with the guests and host about Abundance mindset, possibility thinking, personal growth and spiritual evolution.


At Green Planet Blue Planet we believe that humanity has the ability to live in absolute harmony AS NATURE, WITH NATURE. The pathway to such a reality might be filled with challenges, opportunities and risks, but only a Planet where we live in HARMONY with nature as nature is a Planet truly worth living on.

It is our desire to showcase and highlight the worlds most impactful drivers of Social Change. When all individuals are encouraged and empowered through economics and social values to display and express their true uniqueness - a NEW EARTH - becomes possible. Taking our current status quo of society, economic and industrial globalization, cultures and nation states into account and accepting it as what is - so to speak - our jumping off point, we will have to learn to embrace a new form of thinking, as Albert Einstein famously said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." 

Greenplanet Blueplanet Podcast was birthed from an observation, an observation of a meaningful transition planet Earth and humanity seem to be in. At the beginning of the 21st century, Humanity and our Planet Earth are undergoing a true transformation. We are in an advanced stage of Globalization, in which we become increasingly aware of the human impact on environment, individual cultures and each other. The new technology age, when co-created in a dynamic and collective way, could facilitate a true cultural renaissance that will enable all individuals to feel part of something larger than any of its parts - a new possibility of Oneness emerges. In fact it becomes a pre-requisite for this age we are in. Daniel Schmachtenberger from NeuroHacker Collective describes this process we are in as a: "... collective unloading of our learned and conditioned toolkits of motivation and design..." and our responsibility becomes to develop a "...level of emotional intelligence and capacity of well-being that's never been seen before..." 

The founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwaab, has coined the term Fourth Industrial Revolution to describe this exponential age of technology we are in, in regards to our collective responsibility Klaus Schwaab mentions: " The Fourth industrial Revolution has the potential to robotize humanity, and thus compromise our traditional sources of meaning - work, community, family and identity. Or we can use the Fourth Industrial Revolution to lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny. It is incumbent on us all to make sure that the latter is what happens." 

We invite you to follow us into this new form of thinking and listen to some of the worlds most innovative minds who share their perspective for social change, cultural pride, collective beingness and entrepreneurial empowerment...