6 Module Course over two months - guided group journey of becoming


When you choose to work with me it is a significant investment of commitment, energy, money and passion.

New clients who sign up for this unique transformational container need to be prepared to deeply intend their own transformation, choose YES and surrender to the result arising in our shared experience.


***started Feb. 6th, Wednesday - 6 Module journey concluding March 21st

starting in the week of March 21st - 6 Module journey, over 2 months. > Please book a free discovery call to explore this fit.



The group guidance I offer is a two months journey with 6 calls total, each 90min long. The group will be kept at a small size between 6 and max. 12 members, depending on timing and alignment between the group members to ensure time for sharing and participation of all.

All of these calls will embrace the power of the group, give and make space for each individual and connect us to empower each other for the next steps in our life, aligning, working and expressing from souls divine blueprint. *pricing $2,000 USD

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You are never alone.

Leverage the power and dynamic of a guided group to generate trust, accountability and belonging in your life.


Ready for a change in your life?

Are you wanting to up-level your world?

Join me in my next group activation. I will be hosting a 6 week journey with a select small group of participants. Are you aware of the true power of intention? The quantum dynamics of intention and a committed, connected and accountable small group is in fact a researched phenomena.

This guided group container is a curated experience for you to thrive and open into your own transformation of becoming. The power is within you and the magic in groups of people activating + helping each other on a quantum level.

Don’t believe in Quantum Science? Well, buckle up and be ready for a complete transformation of how you live your life. There was actually a book written by Lynne McTaggart, called the Power of 8 explaining this very powerful dynamic.

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Julian Guderley is passionate about children, community and paradigm shifting. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him, being interviewed by him and playing with him. In every instance he brought an essence that was filled with intelligence, hope and inspiration. He is a great representative of the new global human of his generation.
— Phillip Moore co-founder of Upland Hills School (1971) and Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center (1974) founder of Trimtab (2015)