FEb 17th: 2pm-6.30pm at the CENTER SF


Conscious men have a method of connecting to the great mystery of life, and do so, on a regular basis.


The New Masculinity is about the exercise of conscious choice. A Conscious Man is not a slave to biology. He is aware of the balance between masculine and feminine energy within himself, but the way that he lives with each is determined by awareness more than by automatic reactions to anything external.

A Conscious Man has a sense of the vast variety of different roles he can enjoy in his life. He is aware of our history and how dramatically things have changed in the last decades. He responds to life not only as a duty to fulfill but also as an art to create.

As Men it has never been more important to form new communities and practice being in community with other men. Being in community means being seen, being heard, being received as well as being recognized as the creator, the king that you are. This workshop is a process of Becoming. This is an opportunity to step into the power that you know you're ready for!. Take the leap! Trust yourself! Let it begin!


What is Forest Bathing?

This is not exercise, or hiking, or jogging. It is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Forest bathing is a concept originally started in Japan and know under the name of Shinrin-yoku it is like a bridge. By opening our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world. The key to unlocking the power of the forest is in the five senses. Let nature enter through your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet.



Mens Breathwork Event at the Center in San Francisco.

2pm - 6.30pm

Feb 17th 2019

This Event is an Event to extend conscious manhood and spend deep and open time with brothers and fellow men. We will be using an Amazonian Breathwork technique to lead into Holotropic Breathwork.
The Workshop will open and close with conscious relating exercise that help us connect with open hearts and conscientious minds.


$59 online
$65 at the door


Say YES to community.

Conscious Manhood means letting go of competition, comparison and opening ourselves for the gift of community, friendship, meaning and being seen in our own Kingdom.

Why Breathwork?

Conscious men breathe to the bottom. They are not afraid to take life in, and constantly live on the edge of their experience. whether they are resting or performing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual acts, the conscious man is there! Present, and mindful, breathing in their experience so they can share it with the world. Whether you are new to Breathwork or practice regularly you may find the work of Dr. Andrew Newberg fascinating. He is a neuroscientist who founded a field of study called, “Neurotheology”, the science of mystical spiritual experiences and the brain. Dr. Newberg takes brain scans of those in intense states of enlightenment, such as meditating monks, praying nuns, mystics visualizing something sacred and others and has discovered profound similarities in brain states in those having transcendent experiences of awakening. In his Ted Talk, he describes the 4 core elements of enlightenment experiences based on his brain scans:

  1. A feeling of the extreme emotional intensity from activating the limbic system. 

  2. A sense of incredible clarity and understanding from the lobes of the brain rewiring and rebalancing.  

  3. Sense of all-pervading unity, oneness or connection as activity decreases in the parietal lobe.

  4. Surrender, letting go and transformation as activity in the frontal lobe melts away. 

Here’s what’s so amazing: Dr. Newberg has found is that these experiences transform the way people think and behave in a permanent way. Normally the brain changes slowly, but these practices with moments of ecstasy and mystical enlightenment create shifts in seconds that may otherwise take a lifetime. All these states are common experiences during Breathwork, that’s right Breathwork is a safe and natural way to connect to the larger part of you.

Your hosts for this space of deepening


Simon Fyall

Simon grew up on the West coast of Canada and has always had an affinity for nature. He cares deeply about people, the planet and reaching his highest potential. He has lead sustainable building projects in Europe, Mexico, and Canada and is very passionate about sustainable design and minimalist living. Simon has spent over a decade learning from different wisdom traditions and teachings and has dedicated his life to learning, growing and living a path of Heart.

One of Simon’s gifts is facilitating the practice of Breathwork, allowing men the space to connect with their authentic essence, through nothing but breath - pushing beyond limitations.



Julian Guderley

Julian is a true global citizen. He is German born living and breathing his Canadian west coast dream on Vancouver Island for nearly a decade. He is an Event creator and spirited curator, founder of GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast. Julian works as a transformational Coach with CEOs and Business leaders in the Silicon Valley and Canada, connecting people to nature, facilitating the life their soul desires.

“My deep inner journey and spiritual grounding has to do with my relationship with the trees. One of my teachers calls them the standing ones and this deeply resonates with me and my approach to facilitating nature retreats.”