Connecting people TO the land


Purpose & Contribution

In modern society we have developed a habit of chasing time and seemingly never having time for what truly matters.

You are introduced to this exclusive retreat because you are on a quest to explore and reach a next level of understanding harmony and inner peace. Unlocking a deeper meaning to your life becomes possible when you embrace the uncertain, choose to make time and expanding your comfort zone.

What is keeping you from stepping into your highest potential of serving society, the planet and your own happiness?

Who is this for? This retreat is for CEOs, Leaders and Influencers that have already understood that our personal contribution is essential to change the way the world is, and are looking for the right way to engage their life or company on this track. Sufficient time in the right environment is necessary to find answers.

12 days in the heart of BRAZIL

Date:  April 25th - May 7th 2019

Location: Fazenda Catuçaba & Pousada Picinguaba

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ancestral wisdom

Author and Speaker Charles Eisenstein during Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) about the OCA at Fazenda Catuçaba

The architecture of the Oca at Fazenda Catuçaba is an astounding GIFT from the ancient cultures of Brazil. The Oca was built in only three weeks, using materials found on the land. No metal fasteners or power equipment was used. This structure is a perfect marriage of form and function. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, a building professional architects come to see and marvel about the knowledge and wisdom found in the indigenous cultures around Planet Earth.

The Oca is one of many power places on the 1700 acre property. Fazenda Catuçaba is a nature sanctuary, a place where mother Earth has co-created with the human stewardship present on the land for over 4 generations. This place and its inherent mythical energy is YOUR host for a deep journey within that allows you to grasp and contextualize the ideas of contribution, legacy and purpose. Enough said, this place and it’s magic must be felt, seen, and experienced through the senses.

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Not the right timing for you?

Stay connected to the team and be the first to know when the official dates for the next adventures are shared. GreenPlanet BluePlanet and CasasnaTerra will host another Retreat in the Fall/Winter of 2019. Multiple annual retreats are planned for Leaders & CEOs. Future Events will continue with the theme of Connecting People to the land, focusing on Breath, Voice/Song and Dance.

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