6 DAY IMMERSIVE RETREAT AT FAZENDA Catuçaba // May 27 - June 2


What is keeping you from stepping into your highest potential of serving society, the planet and your own happiness?





In modern society we have developed a habit of chasing societal norms of ‘success’ and seemingly never having time for what truly matters.

You are introduced to this exclusive retreat because you are on a quest to explore and reach a next level of understanding, harmony, and inner peace.

Unlocking the deeper meaning to your life becomes possible when you embrace the magic of presence and stillness, choose to prioritize deep rest, and

experience the natural beauty of this world.

  • Gorgeous private accommodations in a former boutique hotel

  • Organic farm to table meals

  • QiGong, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork

  • Massages available upon request

  • Silent mornings for those who wish


During your stay at Catuçaba we will offer a variety of daily explorations on the 1700 acre nature sanctuary.

Our time together will be a flexible mix of experiences that connect us to the land, our group and deep contribution to life, earth and society.

Change is an attitude, together we will immerse deeply to embody this attitude through activities such as:

  • Horseback riding in the wild

  • Swimming in pristine lakes

  • Hiking, forest bathing, and experiencing the abundance of the rainforest.

  • Planting trees on the land to compensate for our carbon footprints of this journey.

  • Sacred Alimentation, learn and experience the sacred in food on the biodynamic land


You will be joined by an intimate group of aligned humans who are rooted in their desire to create a world of sovereignty, justice, and peace for all, and to

preserve the natural beauty of our majestic planet for the next 7 generations. Unbridled creativity is the birthplace of innovation: through art, play, time in

nature and spaciousness, your unique passions, talents, and skills can pour forth.

  • At the Casa Artista you will immerse into creative workshops to gain fresh insights for your personal mission, journey and contribution to humanity.

  • Through expertly facilitated group processes you will get to know the power of your choice, release fear of the unknown, and step into your greatest power.

  • The ceremonial fire pit will serve as a daily gathering point at the end of each day; we will share our collective knowledge and wisdom.

ancestral wisdom

Author and Speaker Charles Eisenstein during Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) about the OCA at Fazenda Catuçaba

The architecture of the Oca at Fazenda Catuçaba is an astounding GIFT from the ancient cultures of Brazil. The Oca was built in only three weeks, using materials found on the land. No metal fasteners or power equipment was used. This structure is a perfect marriage of form and function. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, a building professional architects come to see and marvel about the knowledge and wisdom found in the indigenous cultures around Planet Earth.

The Oca is one of many power places on the 1700 acre property. Fazenda Catuçaba is a nature sanctuary, a place where mother Earth has co-created with the human stewardship present on the land for over 4 generations. This place and its inherent mythical energy is YOUR host for a deep journey within that allows you to grasp and contextualize the ideas of contribution, legacy and purpose. Enough said, this place and it’s magic must be felt, seen, and experienced through the senses.


Invitation: You are personally invited for an exclusive 6 day immersive retreat in the lush hills of Brazil, just hours away from Sao Paulo.

Date: May 27th - June 2nd

Location: Fazenda Catuçaba, Brasil

Pricing: $5000 USD, all inclusive

To register, please contact Julian or Maria for more information regarding payment information and deposit.

We can support your transport from Sao Paulo and/or Rio de Janeiro upon arrival, either by private car or helicopter.

At completion of our shared journey you can extend your stay upon your choice at an exclusive oceanside property in Unesco biosphere reserve.

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The Team to host & welcome you


Maria Teresa Chavez

is a holistic health educator with 15 years of expertise in the nutrition, fitness, and holistic lifestyle fields. A yoga instructor, somatic movement and dance instructor, meditation teacher, nutrition consultant, life and spiritual guide, she assists people who are seeking ancient wisdom and cutting-edge transformational tools so that they can heal themselves from the inside out, achieve optimal wellness, and radiant health and vitality.

Maria travels extensively through Asia, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, studying and sharing wisdom from native cultures and traditions from all over the world. Pairing her Peruvian and Venezuelan heritage and background of shamanic plant medicine work, she brings a reverence for the land and aspects of ceremony into all of her offerings. An intuitive guide who creates a powerfully safe space of unconditional love, she reminds all who she comes into contact with of their innate power to create their own reality.

Maria has a strong background in working with those suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD. She formerly ran the therapeutic department at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico and is the founder of Sacred Earth Warriors, a transformational healing event and retreat company where she and her team create sacred space to allow people to explore and deepen the connection to themselves, each other, and the planet, while giving back and raising awareness for sustainability, environmental, and social change causes.

Julian Guderley & Lorrana Scarpioni

Both are true global citizen. He is German born living and breathing his Canadian west coast dream on Vancouver Island for nearly a decade. He is an Event creator and spirited curator, founder of GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast.


GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast focuses on interviews with social impact leaders on the holistic visions for Planet Earth. Asking questions to deeper get to know PURPOSE and our collective VISION of well-being and happiness for the Planet Earth we share.

He references his deep inner journey and spiritual grounding to the trees, ocean and animals in the Pacific North-West of Canada.

Lorrana is a Brazilian social tech-preneur and founder of Beliive. She works out of the Silicon Valley, USA and will be a guest during the retreat. CEO and co-founder of Bliive, the world's largest network of time exchange. Global Shaper from Sao Paulo HUB and former Global Agenda Council in Creative Economy. In addition, MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35 choose her one of the 10 most innovaIve Brazilians of 2014 and BBC Global elected her of the 100 most inspiring women of 2015 on 100Women List.



Emmanuel Rengade & Bianca Borghetti

Stewards of the land and home owners of Fazenda Catuçaba & Pousada Picinguaba. Bianca and Manu care for the large nature reserve of Catuçaba since more than a decade.

Their dream is deepening every year through the guidance and voice from the land. Permaculture and Immersive Heart centred retreats, are just the beginning.

Manu is also the founder of WE ARE NATURE connecting houses of the Earth - Casas nas Terras:

Casas na Terra are places of exceptional natural beauty and preserved culture that allow for profound experiences of reconnection. They are gathering places of people sharing a similar vision.