Marisabel Ruiz

EMPOWERING WOMEN AND GIRLS IN GUATEMALA Todays micro episode hosts a conversation with Marisabel Ruiz founder of Sheva SHEVA teaches women and girls how to use and take advantage of existing and life changing tools found on mobile technology. Marisabel tells you about the ancient Mayan roots of Guatemala. She shares her true passion & inspiration, why she is a Global Shapers & how being in tribe and community helps you to access your full potential!

lorrana scarpioni.jpg

Lorrana Scarpioni

CEO and co-founder of Bliive, the world's largest network of time exchange. Global Shaper from Sao Paulo HUB and former Global Agenda Council in Creative Economy. In addition, MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35 choose her one of the 10 most innovative Brazilians of 2014 and BBC Global elected her of the 100 most inspiring women of 2015 on 100Women List.

Erin Athene

Erin Athene talks about her path and journey so far.  and of course Canada Learning Code.

A long career as a Tech Entrepreneur and smart investor makes her a champion in the Victoria tech space. Erins experience goes beyond and simple life habits bare for opportunity. On Green Planet Blue Planet Erin talked about how her 3h daily commute in Vancouver BC turned into one of Canadas largest non for profits 


princeley H Glorious.jpg

Princely H. Glorious

Princely H. Glorious is a digital media producer and storyteller from Tanzania, Africa. Princely speaks on how we can use digital storytelling to reclaim the dominant narratives surrounding the African continent. OnaStories is a platform for Africa-first, mobile-first, visual-first storytelling. 

 “Until the Lion Learns to speak, the tale of the hunter will glorify the hunter”



HeartMath Institute


A conversation with Deborah Rozman & Howard Martin on Heart Intelligence

In this episode I get to explore the topic of Brain-Heart Coherence with Deborah Rozman & Howard Martin from Heartmath Inc. - I am deeply honoured for this experience as both are pioneers and role-models in the movement of the rise of the Heart. Both are co-authors of Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart


Marc Angelo Coppola

Marc is a Philantropreneur and the founder behind Superhero Academy - where he strives to empower social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders to be bold - dynamic - engaging storytellers - aka everyday superheroes - that will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire.