Connecting you to soul, nature and self for purposeful growth


What I offer:

I am here to help you bring out and leverage your true souls potential. Whether you are in times of transition in your life, or scaling your business - starting a Mentorship will give you strength, and space to feel supported, heard and to amplify the true potential that is in you. It is one of my gifts to be thinking and planning from a place of soul, heart and big picture understanding of this Greenplanet Blueplanet we all share. Deeply I believe it is our purpose and mission to empower and encourage all individuals to express their unique gifts into the world.

Rates depend on the form of Mentorship or coaching you need most in this time of your life. Usually I work with individuals on a monthly basis with a minimum of two months commitment to self and the retainer. Meetings can be a mix of in person, exploratory nature journeys or via Zoom Meetings.

Mentorship Retainer: minimum of 2months. This includes two fixed dates per month, with 2-3h of in person session (can be via zoom) or a nature exploration to deepen, learn, grow and practice presence and awareness.

Usual fees starting at: $ 2,000 per month | *rates differ depending on your business success situation.

When we truly connect to inner stillness, the essence of our soul, a complete new way of self-worth and clarity arises. This clarity allows us to connect to - what Buckminster Fuller coined - EARTH VISION. A shared idea of future Planet Earth, accessible to all humanity. A Planet worth living on.

I help you experience your growth and success with ease of mind and inner peace.

Why Coaching/Mentorship matters for you NOW:

In a coaching relationship, there is a constant loop of information sharing and feedback, creating an atmosphere of reciprocal learning. You are directing the path and can constantly move forward or learn more. You have responses from a human who is dedicated to your skill development, who isn’t expected to adhere to a set of standard rules and approaches. This creates unlimited potential.

Julians Experience and Approach:

I am a true global citizen. I am German-Canadian, born in Munich, living & breathing my Canadian west coast dream on Vancouver Island for nearly a decade. I have travelled and slowly explored cultures and relationships in over 50 countries, having learned to speak five languages fluently before the age o 20.

I am an Event creator and spirited curator, founder of GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast. During the work as Podcast Host, interviewing the worlds leaders in Purpose, meaningful business and the entrepreneurial shift towards social impact I have developed my unique capacity of listening to the heart and soul of the influencers and leaders I works with. From billionaire entprepreneurs like Naveen Jain, to cultural thought-leaders like Charles Eisenstein or the HeartMath Institute I listen to and surround myself with people who have created tremendous success based on holistic metrics

As a transformational Coach I focus on working with CEOs and Business leaders in the Silicon Valley and Canada, connecting people to nature to facilitate the life your soul desires. The last decade of my life, I have invested into my own spiritual growth, entreprenurial learning and the skill of conscious relating - cornerstone of living with inner peace - my deep inner journey is fuelled and revitalized through my relationships and my relationship with nature, to the trees, ocean and animals iacross the world and n the Pacific North-West of Canada.  


Are YOU a CEO or in a position of Leadership?

Guiding and leading an organization, team or vision is a demanding job. Ensuring that you are also taking care of yourself, connecting with nature and practicing how to relate in an increasingly conscious way is essential to strengthen your visionary abilities.

Julian Guderley & John Brancy during Davos WEF Summit 2018

Julian Guderley & John Brancy during Davos WEF Summit 2018

I have had the great opportunity to see and hear Julian present a complex concept to a room full of critical peers. His poise, wisdom and charisma moved us all to join him in celebrating and recognizing a transformational shift in consciousness taking place in our time. Julian’s way with language and energy is that of a learned actor or Fortune 500 CEO, his delivery invites you into his world and his message changes yours.
— John Brancy, International Opera Singer