Innovative Urban Agriculture in Victoria - with Chris Hildreth


Episode 043

Chris Hildreth, TOPSOIL Innovative Urban Agriculture

Innovative Agriculture   REDEFINING HOW WE GROW OUR FOOD TOPSOIL was founded to create an innovative approach to food production – one that values environmental sustainability and the local economy. Chris is a young social entrepreneur taking a systematic approach to help increase local food production in the heart of the Victoria. His vision for TOPSOIL is to improve every aspect of our current industrialized food system from production, packaging, transportation, distribution and waste. Topsoil functions on collaboration and builds strength by bringing together people from varied professions – architecture, engineering, farming, local government, property development, and the restaurant industry – who are as passionate as we are about creating something new. Urban farms bypass the long and complex industrial food supply chain. Urban agriculture is a revolutionary way to provide food that is healthier, cares for the environment, and just simply tastes better. Chris has a natural ability to inspire passion and enthusiasm when it comes to the benefits of local food production. His knack for bringing together people from a diverse range of disciplines and specialties has been a pillar upon which TOPSOIL is built.

Julian Guderley