Transforming audiences WITH THE GIFT OF STORY.

listening from presence. BUILDING A NARRATIVE FOR earth vision.


I offer several talks. Most commonly this includes either :

A) Stepping into ones Soul Power of removing limiting beliefs at a core, cellular level and collaborating from Earth Vision.

or B) The Art of deep, present listening and how having learned to speak 5 languages before the age of 20 has taught me the extraordinary skill of authentic listening


My superpower is to activate Earth Vision Leadership in individuals, communities and global Thought Leaders. How do I do this? In opening up the listeners consciousness and deeply held limiting beliefs, removing blockages through a brief meditative visualization experience.

My narrative is fully and honestly informed from my own lived experience as a global citizen, speaking 5 languages. Get in touch with me for more details and requesting me for your next Event. During the work as Podcast Host I have interviewed worlds leaders on topics such as: Purpose, Meaningful Business and the Entrepreneurial shift towards Social Impact.

This work has helped my natural essence to have developed my unique capacity of listening and storytelling that talks directly to the audiences heart and soul. My interviews on stage, video and audio reach from billionaire entrepreneurs like Naveen Jain, to cultural thought-leaders like Charles Eisenstein or the HeartMath Institute. I listen to and surround myself with people who have created tremendous success based on holistic metrics.


Endorsements & Reflections

I have had the great opportunity to see and hear Julian present a complex concept to a room full of critical peers. His poise, wisdom and charisma moved us all to join him in celebrating and recognizing a transformational shift in consciousness taking place in our time. Julian’s way with language and energy is that of a learned actor or Fortune 500 CEO, his delivery invites you into his world and his message changes yours.
— John Brancy, International Opera Singer
Julian is a natural leader and a visionary. Having worked closely with him I have seen him undertake big challenges and reduce them to simple action plans.
— Mohammed Mostajo-Radji, Researcher - Arlotta lab at Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Julian Guderley is passionate about children, community and paradigm shifting. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him, being interviewed by him and playing with him. In every instance he brought an essence that was filled with intelligence, hope and inspiration. He is a great representative of the new global human of his generation.
Julian is an engaging and high energy speaker. He is provides a space for the audience to transform their work and leave with meaningful insight.
— Rupa Dash, Partner,Dash Global Media & CEO, World Woman Foundation