The Green Planet Blue Planet SMART CITIES SERIES is being kicked off with an Interview journey to explore the Pacific North West in regards to innovation, social entrepreneurship and the larger Victoria Tech Scene. During this Series you will get to know different Characters, Innovators, Policy Makers, Artists and Philantroprenuers who shape the city of Victoria B.C. in a deliberate effort to create a blooming city that conquers and answers questions of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Tech Destination Victoria, British Columbia

with Richard Egli from Alacrity Foundation

 Richard manages the strategic direction and operation of the Alacrity Foundation. He also works to advise multiple companies, contribute to investment decisions and works closely with portfolio companies to connect them to potential partners and investors. Over the past three years Richard has led the effort behind the Alacrity Investor Readiness Program, which has brought more than $220M CAD of investment into the BC technology scene.


Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Managing Partner at

Conscious Thought Revolution - Aaron Samsonoff

Aaron's clarity and focus comes from the understanding that the main journey is an inside journey, the journey of self and the relationship between self and let's call it God. On the outside world, Aaron is a digital explorer - he craves learning and knowledge and is always on a mission to expand his own consciousness, awareness and health. 


Founder Purpose Five, Canada Learning Code



- Erin Athene

Erin Athene talks about her path and journey so far. Purpose Five and of course Canada Learning Code. 

A long career as a Tech Entrepreneur and smart investor makes her a champion in the Victoria tech space. Erins experience goes beyond and simple life habits bare for opportunity. On Green Planet Blue Planet Erin talked about how her 3h daily commute in Vancouver BC turned into one of Canadas largest non for profits on teaching people how to code.


Victoria City Councillor

Jeremy Loveday - on making Victoria a smart city

Jeremy Loveday Victoria B.C. City Councillor on Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast exploring possibilities for Victoria B.C. - a smart City in the making. Jeremy answers questions to local and province wide proposals of pilot projects on UBI, housing first, place making and other strong points of his first term. Check out more about Jeremy and his modern, thoughtful and porgressive way of thinking. 


Innovative Urban Agriculture from Victoria BC

Chris Hildreth, Founder of TOPSOIL

 TOPSOIL was founded to create an innovative approach to food production – one that values environmental sustainability and the local economy. Chris is a young social entrepreneur taking a systematic approach to help increase local food production in the heart of the Victoria. 

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Holistic Medicine and it's place in society


with Pacific Rim College founder Todd Howard

Todd Howard was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountain range in the eastern United States. Todd earned a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, British Columbia. He is currently a Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia. He has since explored the world pursuing studies in  indigenous medicines. He has traveled on 5 continents in more than 35 countries, including a year of work at the world’s busiest clinic of Acupuncture and Homeopathy in Sri Lanka, 3 months interning in hospitals in China, 4 months as an Acupuncturist and lecturer on a world-class cruise line and 2 months as a medical volunteer in East Africa.