GreenPlanet BluePlanet is a Mission to display Places, Spaces AND People WHO make Planet Earth worth living on.







I am on a quest to co-create a deliberate vision for planet earth, beyonD THE LIMITATIONS OF THE DOMINANT PARADIGM.

Thats why I created the Podcast GreenPlanet BluePlanet, interviewing #500 Social Impact Makers & Influencers in the World. Asking questions to deeper get to know PURPOSE and our collective VISION of well-being and happiness for the Planet Earth we share.

Also with GreenPlanet BluePlanet I host transformative Nature Retreats in Brazil, Costa Rica & Canada for adapt Renaissance Humans and those in the process.

You can work with me in a Mentorship relationship. I help people foster their true purpose beyond simple success metrics. With me you will be guided into relationship of self-love and self-worth that will connect you with the life that your soul desires. All modalities, groups and 1-on-1 Accelerators are a combination of Zoom calls and when possible in person explorations - an accelerator to your personal development hOMe to Soul.

I have invested the last 15 years of my life to gain a worldview, live with people and indigenous cultures on different continents. Learning and listening through OBSERVATION and PARTICIPATION with and among elders, visionaries, luminaries and world leaders. As well as villagers, people below the poverty line, and overly privileged people across the world.

I have learned to speak and listen in 5+ languages and most importantly I have learned to be a HOST to the space and energy in which one can thrive. Especially over the last decade I have taken my global insights and crafted skillful, spiritually balanced modalities to transform audiences, groups and individuals - as I step into the uncertainty of transforming myself and becoming each step along the way. And the question remains - how can I be of service?


Referrals & Reflections

I have had the great opportunity to see and hear Julian present a complex concept to a room full of critical peers. His poise, wisdom and charisma moved us all to join him in celebrating and recognizing a transformational shift in consciousness taking place in our time. Julian’s way with language and energy is that of a learned actor or Fortune 500 CEO, his delivery invites you into his world and his message changes yours.
— John Brancy, International Opera Singer

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Working with Julian has helped me begin a new chapter of my life where I meditate daily and watch my reality become what I want it to be. I feel more powerful, relaxed, content, and abundant than ever. Quite simply, working with Julian has radically changed my life for the better.
— Nick Platoff, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

When we truly connect to inner stillness, the essence of our soul, a complete new way of self-worth and clarity arises. This clarity allows us to connect to - what Buckminster Fuller coined - EARTH VISION. A shared idea of future Planet Earth, accessible to all humanity. A Planet worth living on.
— Julian Guderley


Julian Guderley is an International Speaker, Media & Events producer and Marketing expert.

Let me share more of my origin story with you: Having learned to speak 5 languages before the age of 20 and living my dream out loud, travelling the Planet and living on 3 different continents to date, I learn by embodying the journey of a true digital native and global citizen.


My path of life is filled with philanthropic engagements and volunteering efforts. I have been a volunteer for more than 6 years combined for AFS - an intercultural exchange organization - as well as the Global Shapers Community - a young leadership initiative from the World Economic Forum. Beyond my professional and volunteering efforts, I am a long term Meditator, and student of Yoga, Qi Gong and other mindfulness and holistic well-being focused modalities.

In my career I have worked several years with Nike in Brand and Retail Marketing, as well as BMW for a variety of premium Events on a global scale. In the Technology sector of Victoria B.C., Canada I had the chance to work with several startups as Media & Communications expert increasing revenues, raising multiple Million $ in funds and expanding reach and impact of Marketing narratives.

Transformation, Significance & Connection

Deeply I believe it is our purpose and mission to empower and encourage all individuals to express their unique gifts into the world. To create and invoke this kind of personal significance in an interconnected society I use the tools of transformation borrowing from mindfulness, breath-work, meditation and the powerful art of raising questions. My superpower is to activate Earth Vision Leadership. Thinking and planning from a place of soul, heart and big picture understanding of this Greenplanet Blueplanet we all share.

I am an international Speaker on the topics of personal and societal transformation. My narrative and way of capturing the audience works through inquiring deeply into the actual process of asking questions that lead us to the results and ways of the world that we want to achieve. Everything I share is truthfully connected to my path and lived experience, as only through life experience we can share, deliver and authentically connect with one another.

My skillset is diversely unique and reflects my life’s journey and drive. With more than 10 years of experience in traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Event creation, Media production and living life at the forefront of choice, Zeitgeist and joy one could say that I am emerging as an Influencer and Storyteller, crafting an unmistakable angle of our Home Planet narrative with some of the worlds most successful and influential entrepreneurs and drivers of social change.