Global Shapers Series with Karanvir Singh - on creating Social Impact and the Power of Silence


Episode 015


Global Shapers Series

Karanvir Singh, Indor, India 

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Global Shapers Series on the State of the World and how to create impact in dynamic & diverse groups, across continents.

This is Episode is part of Green Planet Blue Planet Portrait of the Global Shapers Community

Karanvir Singh is the founding chairman of Visionum Group, a conglomerate that is engaged in multiple social ventures involving governments at various levels and domains. 

He leads several projects of social value which have positively impacted millions across the World. He is redefining value to deliver impactful solutions to the most challenging sustainability issues. 

As a global entrepreneur, he is catalyzing the Start-up Ecosystem to restore balance and sustainability by incorporating Strategic Framework, Corporate Mindset and Measuring Success with the robust Socio-Economic Models. 

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