Flowstate Collective - with Jiro Taylor


Episode 040

Jiro Taylor, Flowstate Collective

Today with Jiro Taylor, fellow Mastermind & Flowstate Founder.

The Flowstate Collective is a global tribe of tech founders, investors and rebel change-makers dedicated to unleashing human potential, purpose driven business and the creation of regenerative global systems.

Flowstate is united by a knowing that disruptive tech businesses and the pioneers who lead them will shape our future on this planet. That’s why they empower Tech founders business with the “inner engineering skills” to radically accelerate their personal development and self-awareness. This enables them to become visionary pioneers contributing to a world in flow through the success of their businesses.

Erin Athene - A call for more women in Tech

"Never do anything for money, that you wouldn't do for free."

 Erin Athene



Episode 41

Erin Athene, Founder Purpose Five & Canada Learning Code

Erin Athene talks about her path and journey so far. Purpose Five and of course Canada Learning Code. 

A long career as a Tech Entrepreneur and smart investor makes her a champion in the Victoria tech space. Erins experience goes beyond and simple life habits bare for opportunity. On Green Planet Blue Planet Erin talked about how her 3h daily commute in Vancouver BC turned into one of Canadas largest non for profits on teaching people how to code.

In this Smart Cities Victoria B.C. Episode - an expert and influencer tells us that having MENTORS is an essential criteria on the path to become a successful entrepreneur. Tune into a fascinating episode and get to know the key players in Victorias thriving Tech space - Erin Athene on Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast. 

Social entrepreneurship and holistic medicine with Todd Howard


Episode 039

Todd Howard, Founder of Pacific Rim College 

Todd Howard is the founder of Pacific Rim College and the creator of the college’s Global Outreach Program. In 2017 he was named by Optimyz Magazine as one of Canada’s Top 100 Health Influencers.

Todd Howard was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountain range in the eastern United States. Todd earned a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, British Columbia. He is currently a Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia. He has since explored the world pursuing studies in  indigenous medicines. He has traveled on 5 continents in more than 35 countries, including a year of work at the world’s busiest clinic of Acupuncture and Homeopathy in Sri Lanka, 3 months interning in hospitals in China, 4 months as an Acupuncturist and lecturer on a world-class cruise line and 2 months as a medical volunteer in East Africa. 

Global Shapers Community - with Wadia Ait Hamza

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Episode 038

Wadia Ait Hamza

Global Shapers Community

Global Shapers Community.png

Global Shapers Series with Wadia Ait Hamza who is Head of the Global Shapers Community at the World Economic Forum.

Wadia and Julian discuss the importance of values, how the millennial generation thinks and about expressing ones true authentic self to serve humanity at a large.

Wadia has a vast background before he joined the Global Shapers, with roots in Morocco. He worked at the Rabat School of Governance and Economics, at Toyota and at the European Institute for the Mediterranean in Barcelona. Wadia is 2012 United Nations Alliances of Civilizations fellow and 2013 cohort of the Global Leadership Fellow of the World Economic Forum. Wadia holds a Master Degree in Euro- Mediterranean Affairs, and a Bachelor degree in International Studies, with a minor in Women & Development from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.

Banking the unbanked - with Kora Network founder Maomao Hu

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Episode 037

Maomao Hu, Co-Founder Kora Network

Kora unlocks growth in emerging markets.

Connecting people, communities and capital.

Maomao Hu is a blockchain, fintech and AI entrepreneur and thought leader. He started as a graphic designer, before realizing the decisive impact of finance. He made the switch in 2014 and founded the Artificial Intelligence practice at management consulting firm The Capital Markets Company, later starting his own AI startup. Seeing the potential and impact of blockchain to create more equitable access to financial services. He is leading Kora working toward building DLT infrastructure for inclusive financial systems.

We are talking about Nootropics, morning habits, the vision of Kora and altruism as a driver... 

Boutique Hotel turns Nature Sanctuary - an Earth movement

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Episode 036

Emmanuel Rengade, Founder of CasasNaTerra

Today onGreen Planet Blue Planet Podcast - Julian Guderley is interviewing Manu Rengade founder of the NATURE SANCTUARY Casas na Terra - Houses on Earth His creations are world famous for their unique style, design and experience - recognized as Boutique Hotels - Manu's expansive journey has led him to go beyond and steward the land as a place for a spiritual connection with Earth. Casas na Terra currently combines two remote locations in the middle of pristine nature and beautifully preserved culture in Brazil, lands of love, and nourishing ground for a unique and new experience for human kind. Watch this video to discover Manu's journey that lead him from backpacking through remote parts of Brazil, over twenty years ago, to opening Boutique Hotels in his new chosen home country and turning them into unique Nature Sanctuaries based on permaculture principles. For more information about the places and their ethos, you can see www.CasasNaTerra.com  

Empowering women and girls in Guatemala - with Marisabel Ruiz

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Episode 035

Global Shaper Series

Marisabel Ruiz, Founder of Sheva

Global Shapers Series on the State of the World and how to create impact in dynamic & diverse groups, across continents.

This is Episode is part of Green Planet Blue Planet Portrait of the Global Shapers Community

EMPOWERING WOMEN AND GIRLS IN GUATEMALA Todays micro episode hosts a conversation with Marisabel Ruiz founder of Sheva SHEVA teaches women and girls how to use and take advantage of existing and life changing tools found on mobile technology. Marisabel tells you about the ancient Mayan roots of Guatemala. She shares her true passion & inspiration, why she is a Global Shapers & how being in tribe and community helps you to access your full potential!

The Future of mobile transactions - with Joel Phillips


Episode 034

Joel Phillips, CEO Pig.gi & Founder at Siglo

In todays episode Julian is hosting an interview with Joel Phillips - founder of Siglo and Pig.gi - working on democratizing data and empowering people to use their data to create connectivity/  Siglo is the future of mobile transactions and connectivity in high growth markets and a catalyst for digital and financial inclusion. Joel is a Columbia University Economics, blockchain and token economist, previously studied digital media and user interface production, He has founded multiple mobile app and marketing startups. Speaker at 2018 Blockchain Davos.