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Smart Cities Series - Victoria B.C.


The Green Planet Blue Planet SMART CITIES SERIES is being kicked off with an Interview journey to explore the Pacific North West in regards to innovation, social entrepreneurship and the larger Victoria Tech Scene. During this Series you will get to know different Characters, Innovators, Policy Makers, Artists and Philantroprenuers who shape the city of Victoria B.C. in a deliberate effort to create a blooming city that conquers and answers questions of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The landscape of our habitats on Earth is dramatically evolving shifting and we are collectively re-creating the way urban and rural interactions take place. With the entire world being interconnected through the internet by 2030,  the Internet of Things on the rise and the Blockchain Revolution in its absolute infancy in 2018, we are getting ready to solve some of humanities biggest challenges- such as TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, EQUALITY and SUSTAINED HAPPINESS. Listen to learn about the curious way British Columbians do this in Victoria, Canada. 


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At Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast you get to hear the stories and insights from Entrepreneurs, Social Change Makers & Artists - displaying how each and everyones uniqueness makes this planet wort living on.


The rise of HEART INTELLIGENCE on Planet Earth - a fascinating conversation with Howard Martin & Deborah Rozman from the HeartMath Institute

Deborah Rozman & Howard Martin, co-Authors of the book Heart Intelligence. It is through deepening our heart coherence and connection that humanity will be able to shift from separation to cooperation resulting in higher solutions to our personal and global problems. 

Jordan Lejuwaan - recently on the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 list in the category Media - is a serial entrepreneur with a philantropreneurial consciousness.  Jordan is a movement starter - he co-founded Futurism.comRavenectar.comHighExistence.com and the Valhalla Movement out of Montreal Canada.

Global Shapers Series

Check out this special feature on GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast - the Global Shaper Series portraits young leaders under 30 who are part of the Global Shapers Community. Fun fact is that in 2017,  50% of the worlds population are under 27 years of age. In the times of exponential technology expanding the possibilities of life and creating a new global connection - we are also living in times that need all of us to stand up speak up about our Values and what truly matters in our local communities. Follow me on this journey of hearing the perspectives and impact that Global Shapers around the world are creating. 

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Building a movement


We believe in a world where young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change.

With the largest youth population in history, there is an unprecedented opportunity for young people to take an active role in shaping the future. This generation has inherited enormous global challenges, but has the ability to confront the status quo and offer youth-led solutions for change.