Nature School Movement - with Bonnie Davison

Developing and encouraging Soul gifts in children and adults


Episode 063

Bonnie Davison

Nature School Movement, developing Soul gifts in children & adults

Todays episode is a deep dive into the philosophy and experience of Nature School Founder Bonnie Davison. Bonnie talks about developing and encouraging SOUL GIFTS in children and adults and takes Julian on a journey to one of his earliest childhood memories.

Beginning her career as a music therapist, working with hearing impaired children who were learning to speak, sparked Bonnies interest in helping children learn to fluently speak, read and write. Then, becoming a classroom and learning resource teacher and meeting her mentor Dr Fleurette Sweeney inspired Bonnie to learn about and share Singing English Song-Games & Techniques, an extremely fun way for children to build a strong literacy foundation. 

 Of course, just like 'they' say, everything changes when you have children. When Bonnie decided she didn't want to be one of those complaining, teacher moms, she actually started her very own forest school. 

That's when she realized that children, when at school, are not spending enough time outside, and something has to change in that development of over intellectualizing the parenting experience. And yes, being outside and connected to nature is another passion of hers. So as an avid outdoors woman, why wouldn't she want children to have the greatest classroom experiences available! She became certified by Forest School Canada as a Forest School Practitioner and six years ago started the Victoria Nature School and the Outdoor Learning Association.

She recently received a Permaculture Design Certification as well as her Permaculture Teacher Training Certification. 

Julian Guderley