7 Steps for the Time of Turning - with Rico Paganini

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Episode 062

7 Steps for the Time of Turning - with Rico Paganini

Todays episode is about recognizing who you truly are! These are times of turning, or a natural SHIFT of Evolution, tune in to listen to Rico Paganini's work on the Elohim Legacy. Swiss Author and Researcher Rico Paganini is a leading world expert in the study of Egyptian history. He is also a member of the Association of the International Federation of Journalists and of Reporters without Borders. These 7 steps will give you new possibilities to expand your view: 

1. Recognize your history
2. Unfold your divine potential
3. Experience love as the key
4. Understand the game of souls
5. Realize your potential
6. Act out of the old, new knowledge
7. Create your reality

Listen to the full episode to gain a detailed understanding of these concepts and open your being to the true power available to you; or learn more on Rico's website and project here > EVOL Forum

Julian Guderley