Birth of the Renaissance Human - with Bruce Cryer

An elegant Revolution, an evolutionary journey of humanity


Episode 064

Bruce Cryer - Birth of the Renaissance Human

Renaissance Human is a new movement to activate the creative spark that lies within each human being.

Such an honour to have Bruce Cryer on GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast. Bruce worked on Broadway, in Biotech and Wellness, was the CEO of HeartMath Inc. for 20years and is a Stanford University lector for 22years and going. Now Bruce is back in New York city, a true renaissance human, creating a new endeavour - the brand of RENAISSANCE HUMAN. 

Thousands of people from all genders, nationalities, generations, and talent sets are already becoming Renaissance Humans. They are rejecting limitations of previous generations and are sensing that it is in the integration of our fullest creative potential as a species — along with the humane use of technology — that humanity can be on the verge of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of this planet.

Whatever generation you are part of, whatever nation you call home, whatever your gender identification, whatever makes your heart sing… we are all in this together. It only took a thousand people to launch the last Renaissance…….are you ready to be part of the next one?

Julian Guderley