The Future of Children - Bringing a LOVE based education to everyone with Phillip Moore


Episode 006


Phillip Moore

Synergistic Guide & Author

What an honour and privilege to talk to one of the kind and great minds of this Planet. Phillip Moore is a very special Guest on Green Planet Blue Planet - he is a teacher, or better synergistic guide - and has educated thousands of children on their journey to an awakened life. 

Phillip has been the principal and director at Upland Hills School in Michigan for over four decades. On his journey he had many guides alongside of his to learn from, such as Ram Dass, Jane Houston and Buckminster Fuller. His newly published book is called: "The Future of Children" and is available here > 

Phillip is also invovled as a steward and mentor in an empowering and cutting edge project called Xploration Centre that aims to provide a LOVE-based education to every child on this planet. 

Julian Guderley