Innovative Entrepreneurship in Victoria B.C. - with Andrew McLeod


Episode 049

Andrew is a Co-Founder and C30 @ Certn, surfer, snowboarder and #vanlife enthusiast.

Fittingly for Greenplanet Blueplanet's Victoria, British Columbia Series; Andrew McLeod is one to watch, he is a 2x Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee, the C3O at Certn and the former CSO of RentMoola. 

" I made and lost more money in my 20s than a lot of people in an entire lifetime." 

Andrew Mcleod

Published as somebody to watch in business, Andrew is an investor and advisor to some of North America's most innovative companies and has many successful ventures to his name. Recognized as an innovator, entrepreneur, and business strategist, he holds a BBA from Acadia University and a Masters of International Business and Law from the University of Sydney, Australia.

"I work with the 14 best people on the planet, in the place that I think is the best in the world."

Andrew Mcleod

Along with his education and startup experience, Andrew has worked with marketing and communications agencies representing Canada’s largest financial institutions. He has developed investor proposals and business plans for some of Canada’s most innovative companies and has consulted on over a dozen business triage and international expansion projects.

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