Radical Brilliance - with Arjuna Ardagh


Episode 051

Arjuna Ardagh

Radical Brilliance

Radical brilliance is about how and why people have original ideas which change the world. Arjuna interviewed more than 420 extremely brilliant people as research for this book, and as a result he discovered the “Brilliant Cycle," where four very different styles of functioning, subjective experience and brain activity coexist. The result is the kind of brilliance which changes the game for everyone.

The book covers many of the practical metrics which determine the brilliance of a life. These include diet, supplements, vacations, sexuality, sleep, sitting and spiritual practice, friendship, mentoring and coaching, and much more. Lynne Twist, the founder of the Pachamama Alliance called this book "a tour de force: a synthesis of everything useful for a life of purpose and contribution."

Julian Guderley