Boutique Hotel turns Nature Sanctuary - an Earth movement

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Episode 036

Emmanuel Rengade, Founder of CasasNaTerra

Today onGreen Planet Blue Planet Podcast - Julian Guderley is interviewing Manu Rengade founder of the NATURE SANCTUARY Casas na Terra - Houses on Earth His creations are world famous for their unique style, design and experience - recognized as Boutique Hotels - Manu's expansive journey has led him to go beyond and steward the land as a place for a spiritual connection with Earth. Casas na Terra currently combines two remote locations in the middle of pristine nature and beautifully preserved culture in Brazil, lands of love, and nourishing ground for a unique and new experience for human kind. Watch this video to discover Manu's journey that lead him from backpacking through remote parts of Brazil, over twenty years ago, to opening Boutique Hotels in his new chosen home country and turning them into unique Nature Sanctuaries based on permaculture principles. For more information about the places and their ethos, you can see  

Julian Guderley