Olivier Girard and Lucy Martens - Filmmakers of THE TWELVE

short interview before movie screening of THE TWELVE

This is a short Interview with Lucy Martens and Olivier Girard, two of the co-founders of Le Ciel Foundation. As a foundation they have created a movie called THE TWELVE - The Twelve is a feature length documentary that gives a voice to wisdom traditions through the words of twelve Elders. They share important messages that we can all benefit from in these troubled times.

Learn more here: http://lecielfoundation.com/the-twelv... The film will be published in June 2019, for now enjoy some of the insights Lucy and Olivier share during the interview, which we filmed at a private screening in Mill Valley, California.


______________ more about the Movie description here:


In November 2017, twelve highly spiritual Elders from wisdom traditions around the globe agreed to gather at the United Nations in New York City in a council called The Council of Twelve and Above. Setting their cultural differences aside, they conducted a unique ritual in complete unity on an ancestral point of concentrated energy. The United Nations sits on this point. Each Elder holds a specific quality. The combination of all twelve qualities through this ritual enabled the Elders to lay out a new energetic matrix in which humans can live in love and harmony with themselves and planet Earth. The Council of Twelve and Above was the result of a vision that dozens of people all over the world received through meditation or rituals. Members of Le Ciel Foundation were among these people and decided to make it happen. The Elders were found through an active process that included meditations, initiations and rituals within different wisdom traditions, research, networking and a very large number of synchronicities. This film is not about the story of the search for the Twelve, but about thanking these incredible Elders who decided to travel for thousands of miles and unite to create a better future for all humans. This film is about giving them the opportunity to speak their truth and let the world know about what they did for the benefit of all. It is also about highlighting how wisdom traditions can be an amazing source of inspiration and solutions for ourselves and our modern society.

Julian Guderley