New Earth Now - with Kelly Krezek

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Episode 079

Kelly Krezek, New Earth Now

Todays interview is with Kelly Krezek, founder of New Earth Now and aspiring philanthropreneur. 

Kelly Krezek has a dynamic background in finance, insurance, investments, and real estate. She is the Founder of New Earth Now, a regenerative development consulting company. Kelly’s true purpose in life is to bring about revolutionary societal change by facilitating greater connection among people and the planet. This is expressed through her passion to create self-sustaining, regenerative, net zero, eco-friendly communities all around the world. She believes the world is shifting into a new paradigm for the better. With the technology and resources available today, a new society without greed, hunger, poverty, war, homelessness, and even crime is more than possible.

Kelly Krezek developed New Earth Now because she aspires to make the world a better place for every being on Earth. She believes this is possible by creating an environment that generates abundance in sustainable housing, food forests, clean water, renewable energy, and regenerative lifestyle. This will allow people to pursue their true passions, creating a more harmonious world.

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