Unite.Earth the vision of a technologist - with Vishal Moda

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Episode 077

Vishal Modas vision for unite.Earth

Vishal is a prolific technologist. Formerly CTO of Unify.org, the world's largest mindfulness org bringing together synchronised meditations around the globe. Vishal successfully delivered their highly interactive ‘Peace Day’ engagement and map platform.

A senior software developer from London, where he successfully coded and led teams to develop large-scale technology platforms for Unilever, Siemens, Department of Health in England, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Stage Coach, Bill Gates, and many more. Vishal is a strategist and advisor for ProjectsForGood.com, a new crowdfunding platform to accelerate social good. Vishal is a director of the Global Mana foundation, and is on the Board of Innovation for the new Mayan Train being developed in Yucatán, Mexico. Vishal’s live SMS voting system currently powers the Miss England beauty pageant.

In his spare time, Vishal is currently working on the Unite Platform, a revolutionary new ecosystem bringing our society together, where we share our gifts and get to connect with people who are aligned with our purpose and passions. Full time planetarian. Vishal’s dream is to live in a regenerative village, tailored around wellness, where love for the planet meets the utmost intelligence. Vishal is deeply connected in various global blockchain communities including Devcon, Block to the Future, Holochain... and many more. As a result, Vishal has some of the worlds best and most talented blockchain developers as friends and allies.

Julian Guderley