Create A Better World Through Business

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Episode 084

Create a Better World Through Business, with Ali Shanti

Today on GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast is Lawyer + Entrepreneur + Creator Permission-Giver + Evolutionary Strategist + Catalyst + Mom = Full-Range Human Ali Katz or also know as Ali Shanti, she is the creator of Eyes Wide Open Life.

You have 100% choice. And, one of the most important choices you get to make in your life is how to align your time, energy, attention and money (your TEAM resources), in service to a life that is truly worth living. Most people get lost here because they don’t know what they actually need, don’t know what they really have to give, and don’t know how to ask for what they need in exchange for what they have to give, cleanly and clearly.

Hence, there is internal and external conflict. Or the appearance of lack of choice, which is just not true. This is the Equation for Enough and every person can have it when we are able to get beyond Money Dysmorphia and into the Truth. Getting to what’s TRUE may require seeing and healing your MONEY DYSMORPHIA: the distorted view you may have of Money that causes you to make poor decisions around your non-renewable resources of Time, Energy, and Attention to awareness of the infinite well of resources available to you, knowing you always have ENOUGH.


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