Orgasmic energy as a pathway to healing with Ashae Sundara Love, Sex and Pleasure Coach


Episode 088

Ecstatic living is a lifestyle of owning your worth - with Ashae Sundara

Ecstatic living is a lifestyle of owning your worth.

Ashae Sundara is a Love, Sex, and Pleasure coach who has devoted herself to unraveling the secrets of intimacy, prosperity, and empowerment. In this episode Ashae shares how healing her body took her from changing her diet in order to balance her hormones to embracing sex and pleasure in a totally new way.

Humans come equipped with inner healing mechanisms such as breath, fasting and also orgasmic energy which all allow for expanded states of consciousness from the inside out. 

Healing her hormones with a Jade egg practice, Ashae embraced this new knowledge and insights all the way to evolve into a sex and pleasure coach. Breaking taboos as Ashae emphasizes the need for pleasure in life as well as the different pathways that you can open to achieve it, she also shares her pleasure practice and how breathing impacts orgasm and ecstasy. This episode is a different take on what energetic practices are out there and possible to connect with your true and energetic self. Be a part of the conversation and learn some tips for reconnecting with your inner self through different ways.

Julian Guderley