Regenerative Culture for the 21st century with Sheri Herndon


Sheri is a thought leader in regenerative culture, community building and movement building, with a focus on coherence and scaling collective intelligence. She is a social innovator with numerous successes and innovations that have had a profound impact in human culture. One of those was to launch citizen journalism worldwide three years before Youtube was even on the scene. Sheri loves trim tabs, seeking and embodying anything that serves our greatest social potential. She is an embodied mystic, a vision keeper for the New Earth and is devoted to serving an enlightened civilization where all life thrives. She works at the junction of technology, conscious social systems, personal development, and subtle energy embodiment practices. She has been called a Coherence Architect for that reason. A longtime yoga practitioner, deeply versed in new paradigm scientific understandings of reality, and passionate about conscious evolution she weaves these understandings into everything she does and devotes herself to social transformation from the inside out.

Julian Guderley