Virtual Reality as Digital Medicine, Transformational Festivals, Intentional Living and practicing Present Moment Awareness with Jack Siberine

Jack is a Media Creator, Spiritual Warrior and on a journey of the awakened Heart. He is a Virtual Reality pioneer, his "Moonshot" is to create Digital Medicine, tune in to understand the possibilities and disruptive roles both Augmented and Virtual Reality will take as complimentary pieces. 

Jack Siberine sees "...A.I. as the new electricity and Data as the new Oil." - Jack and myself are talking about what it takes for something to be seen as medicine and how we can deliberately shape and create technology as such. VR specifically holds the power to heal trauma, grow and practice focus and awareness through feedback loops between the MIND, ENVIRONMENT and the SENSORY FIELD. 

The experience itself can be shaped by the individual, that allows for a personal relationship with the medium that is not possible with other media - ones cognitive performance in a simulation will shape the simulation itself. 

The conversation carries us from frequencies and brain development to how we as individuals literally can become our own medicine - and as such making sickness optional. Virtual Environments aren't just supposed to be fun to play in but to accelerate our awareness and conscious mind to create a new mental relationship with both internal worlds and the external world in our every day society. 

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Episode 012

Jack Siberine

Virtual Reality Visionary

Julian Guderley