Episode 011

Naveen Jain

Co-founder of Viome & Moon Express

Tune in to hear Naveen share his vision of Planet Earth and kindly spread the wisdom of Abundance Consciousness, "Moonshot" Thinking, Singularity and Space. Naveen is especially passionate about VIOME one of his big Moonshot Visions that he shares clearly with people: Imagine a world in which Disease is Optional.

Naveen Jain talks about the Conscious Thought Revolution that is happening within each and everyone of us, when we start to listen and follow the connection through the language of our hearts. We are as Nature dreaming & creating the Moonshots of tomorrows Society into being. One of those Moonshots that Naveen and Julian talk about is a project called Xploration Centre, a school that offers a love based education and access to exponential technology - a school for the Future of Education.

In 2011, Jain was awarded with the "light of India Business Leadership Award" for "visionary entrepreneurship"... and that's what You will get from this Episode with Naveen on Green Planet Blue Planet. VISIONARY PHILANTROPRENEUR WISDOM.

Enjoy this Episode with Naveen & Julian. 

Julian Guderley