Global Shapers Series with Esteban Jaramillo on the Social Impact Food can make in a Community

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Episode 017


Global Shapers Series

Esteban Jaramillo, Medellin, Colombia Hub

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Global Shapers Series on the State of the World and how to create impact in dynamic & diverse groups, across continents.

This is Episode is part of Green Planet Blue Planet Portrait of the Global Shapers Community

Esteban has worked for years in the sector of social Entrepreneurship as a channel to help alleviate social problems in Medellin, Colombia. These days he spends his time making fresh Pasta for a living and is truly following his dreams. He has cultivated a social environment within himself that allows him to live his dream and powerfully impact his community in Medellin through food and fresh Pasta.  

Tune in to hear Esteban's perspective on the state of the world, the transformation of Medellin, Colombia and how he has achieved to express freely and live his dream.  Medellin is a growing destination in the South American Start-Up Scene. Esteban is sharing how the eco-system for start ups is allowing Innovation to brew  in one South Americas most beautiful cities. 

Julian Guderley