Global Consciousness Rising - Le Ciel Foundation, uniting 12 elders of wisdom traditions from around the world

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Episode 018


Peter Giblin & Olivier Girard


One of my core intentions for starting Green Planet - Blue Planet Podcast was struck today when I was on the phone with Olivier & Peter from Le Ciel Foundation - and that is the global shared experience of consciousness rising and expressing itself through humanity. I see a fundamental awakening in our ONE HEART and an alignment process with our spectacular abilities of MIND & BRAIN. Personally I do not see either of them as being more true or more important, I see the coherence between what is given to us as our vessel, our vehicle, our body, our heart, our mind, our pre-frontal cortex as the awakening and journey of raising consciousness. In this state of coherence, nothing but NOW matters. In this state of coherence, I believe we get to dance, to dream and to share our visions and excitement for a NEW EARTH. Today, Here, Now, Tomorrow and 200 years from NOW.


Join me and listen to this episode as we speak about consciousness, soul missions, mycelium, spiritual technology and much more.Olivier Girard and Peter Giblin are two of the nine founders of Le Ciel Foundation and Alternate Paradigms. 


These 2 entities focus on creating shifts in human consciousness. Alternate Paradigms adresses this matter on the micro and mezzo level by working with individuals and companies, Le Ciel Foundation on the macro level with global scaled projects.


For more than a year now, Le Ciel Foundation has been actively paving the road to create a new paradigm in the form of four complementary initiatives : The Council of Twelve and Above will unite 12 elders of wisdom traditions from around the world this November in New York City to  meditate on humanity's disconnect from itself and nature, and deliver a concrete road map for the symposium participants to follow in 2018. The Twelve, a feature length documentary promotes the beauty and importance of ancestral wisdom. The Wisdom and Nature exhibition, captures both humanity and the Earth's natural splendor in a collection of forty contemporary artworks generously donated by artists and galleries.The Nature and Wisdom Symposium, will combine ancient wisdom with modern scalability, the end goal being to immediately put into action innovative and practical solutions to twelve of the most significant issues humankind is facing at the moment, to regenerate, protect andnurture both humanity and the Earth.


Join the worldwide meditation set up for November 26 2017 to support the council, thank planet Earth and wisdom traditions all over the world. Check out this initiative here :