Global Consciousness Rising - Le Ciel Foundation, uniting 12 elders of wisdom traditions from around the world

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Episode 018


Peter Giblin & Olivier Girard


One of my core intentions for starting Green Planet - Blue Planet Podcast was struck today when I was on the phone with Olivier & Peter from Le Ciel Foundation - and that is the global shared experience of consciousness rising and expressing itself through humanity. I see a fundamental awakening in our ONE HEART and an alignment process with our spectacular abilities of MIND & BRAIN. Personally I do not see either of them as being more true or more important, I see the coherence between what is given to us as our vessel, our vehicle, our body, our heart, our mind, our pre-frontal cortex as the awakening and journey of raising consciousness. In this state of coherence, nothing but NOW matters. In this state of coherence, I believe we get to dance, to dream and to share our visions and excitement for a NEW EARTH.

Today, Here, Now, Tomorrow and 200 years from NOW.

Julian Guderley