Global Shapers Series with Chelsea Glaser, Seattle Hub on True Happiness in Thriving Communities


Episode 019

Global Shapers Series

Chelsea Glaser, Seattle Hub, USA

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Global Shapers Series on the State of the World and how to create impact in dynamic & diverse groups, across continents.

This is Episode is part of Green Planet Blue Planet Portrait of the Global Shapers Community

Chelsea is a civic entrepreneur, a storyteller, and a strategic problem solver. She has a background in sustainable development, local advocacy, and civic technology, and has  a passion for understanding methodologies for measuring subjective wellbeing and the role our built environments play in our happiness. She is an initiator with a knack for bridging efficient connections and collaborations for greater impact.

She is a community advocate, a Global Shaper, a writer, an urbanist, and a firm believer in the power of kindness. To see more, visit


  • Civic tech & online engagement

  • Tactful neighborhood planning & design

  • Public spaces & programs


  • Accessible public meetings

  • Participatory governance

  • Affordable housing options



  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety

  • Interactive public spaces

  • Walkability & sidewalk vibrancy


  • Open data and municipal transparency

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Communicate local news & events

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