Afforestation in the desert of Dubai with climate scientist Vesela Tanaskovic


Episode 020 

Vesela Tanaskovic

Climate Scientist working on re-greening the desert in Dubai

Vesela Tanaskovic is on a mission to re-green the desert of Dubai, and shares from a rich mindset of abundance about her dreams of Global Citizenship on the Blockchain.

Now she is in Dubai working with Dubai Municipality to 10x the green areas of Dubai by 2020.  

Her life was inspired by Captain Planetman! She studied Architecture, zero emissions buildings for her masters, green buildings that produce oxygen instead of CO2. Her background is with a waste water treatment factory that uses solely microbiology to completely purify municipal sewage no chemicals, which inspired her to do more research on geo-engineering. This led to Veselas PhD research at TU Vienna, where she studied afforestation one of the geo-engineering methods, meaning desert greening- planting forest in the desert.

She developed a patent pending solution for creating arable soil in the desert within days,(now it takes 10-15 years) and this led to founding an NGO .

This accelerated her entrepreneurial journey and gave her exposure to Singularity University as well as exponential technologies, and on a path of self discovery.


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