A Journey of Awakening with Alanna Ketler


Episode 004 


Alanna Ketler

Change Maker & Conscious Media Creator

Alanna Ketler - Change Maker & Conscious Media Creator

This time I am speaking with Alanna Ketler, Alanna and I both have a lot of things in common, for one we both live and work mostly from Victoria, British Columbia. Another fun fact is that we both work with and for the Conscious Thought Revolution - a local Technology & Media Company.  Alanna is an author and media creator also for the platform Collective Evolution - she is fascinated by the realms of Quantum Phsysics and Spirituality. Alanna shares deep insights about her journey of awakening. ~

Eckhart Tolle, "What the Bleep do we know" and the documentary Zeitgeist changed her life and inspired her to become a Media Creator.  Plat the Episode to hear Alannas origin story. 

Julian Guderley