The rarely told story of Hollyhock - with Joel Solomon


Episode 057

The rarely told story of Hollyhock - with Joel Solomon

The rarely told story of Hollyhock with Joel Solomon

Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish and support people who are making the world better. They offer 80+ programs and conferences each year to help you connect to self, nature, and community.

Today with me is Joel Solomon who was a volunteer at the time of founding Hollyhock Adult Learning Centre in the Pacific North West and Author of the "Clean Money Revolution" a call to action to move trillions of dollars from damage to regeneration. He is a 2012 TEDxVancouver Speaker, a Founding Member of Social Venture Network (SVN), Business for Social Responsibility, and the Tides Canada Foundation, and Board Chair of Hollyhock.

Joel is a member of the University of British Columbia Board of Governors. In other words I am having Joel back on Green Planet Blue Planet to discuss Purpose, the Evolution of Education and the role clean money will play over the next years to come.

Julian Guderley