Winspiration - with Wolfgang Sonnenburg


Episode 058

Winspiration - with Wolfgang Sonnenburg

Today with me is Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg the Initiator of Winspiration Day, uplifting and inspiring people in Europe and beyond. 

Winspiration Day was created in 2003 and is celebrated on the 7th of May. Today, the movement is connecting people globally to collaborate together for a better future. 

Now, more than ever, we need to look with enthusiasm towards a positive future rather than fighting against one another. The goal is to create change, unity and move forward in a positive future.

Winspiration: Spreading the Light

Wolfgang’s last name translates to “castle of the sun,” a reflection of what he practices and preaches all around the world: With a clear purpose in mind, build secure foundations for a rich and abundant life, then let your light shine so that others can learn to do the same – regardless where they are coming from. He created the Winspiration Association as an umbrella organization for those who do not just talk about changing the world but are taking concrete steps to effect lasting, positive change.

Julian Guderley