Chapel of Sacred Mirrors - with Caren Charles

The Body as a Living Painting - Program Director at COSM Caren Charles


Episode 046 



Caren Charles - The Body as a Living Painting

Caren Charles is part of the COSM Staff since a few years, in the last year she has come to be the Program Director for everything Event, Art and Music related at the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors. Caren is also a Painter, during this episode, we come to talk of the Body as a "living painting" - Caren shares a lot of perspective on purpose and what it means to walk and breathe artist life.


At COSM, right now the Entheon is being built, hear more about COSM, Superhero Academy with Caren and Julian and be guaranteed to walk away with something new or a different perspective on community living.

Julian Guderley