New Paradigm Narrative - with Charles Eisenstein


Episode 047

Charles Eisenstein; an off the grid conversation at Punta Mona Permaculture Village, Costa Rica

In this episode, you will get Charles Eisenstein's perspective on:


  • What it is and What it is not when we speak of a new paradigm narrative.
  • The Importance and Power of Failure and Situational Powers.
  • Listening to the Land and its People

An off the grid Interview with Charles Eisenstein at Punta Mona Permaculture Village in Costa Rica.

An Episode about the complexity and guiding role EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION and LOCATION play in our daily world. And YES, as we are sitting in Costa Rica, when you truly drop into this interview you will hear Monkeys in the jungle. 

Learn about how to engage with the land, people, permaculture and practice a form of Sacred Economics. This wave of consciousness truly has multiple dimensions to it and Charles is recognized as one of the voices of this societal evolution, an evolutionary revolution, new paradigm living. 

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Julian Guderley