Victoria B.C. a smart City in the making - with Jeremy Loveday


Episode 042

Jeremy Loveday, Victoria City Councillor

Jeremy Loveday Victoria B.C. City Councillor on Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast exploring possibilities for Victoria B.C. - a smart City in the making. Jeremy answers questions to local and province wide proposals of pilot projects on UBI, housing first, place making and other strong points of his first term. Check out more about Jeremy and his modern, thoughtful and porgressive way of thinking. Elected in 2014, Jeremy is passionate about making Victoria more affordable, sustainable, and vibrant. He is drawn to local politics because of the concrete nature of the decisions that need to be made and by a deep love for the City of Victoria. He has found each day as a Councilor challenging and rewarding, driven by the belief that Victoria can be one of the greatest small cities in the world and that our residents have the ideas, drive, creativity, and passion to make it happen. In 2017, Jeremy was selected as a Vanguard Fellow with Next City, a prestigious position for urbanists and city builders under the age of 40. Jeremy has served on the Board of the Young Entrepreneurs Society since 2016. As a City Councilor, Jeremy has been an active and effective voice for Victoria residents. In his first year on council, he created the Urban Food Table committee, a group that provides leadership to the City of Victoria regarding local food system sustainability. Jeremy also created the Accessibility Working Group, an official City of Victoria advisory committee of people living with disabilities.

Julian Guderley