Creating visions from emerging, surrendered leadership - with Kelly Larson

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Episode 074

Kelly Larson, CEO of Aquarian Devices

"First listen and then open yourself to life." Kelly Larson

Todays Interview was recorded during a Mastermind Event in Costa Rica, at Punta Mona Permaculture Farm. Thank you to Superhero Academy for sponsoring this video episode with Kelly Larson.

Kelly is a truly insightful and deeply attuned human being, she is also the CEO of Aquarian Devices, a company that is enabling Deep Space Exploration through a revolutionary solar system wide high capacity communications network. Aquarian Devices has developed architectures that make a technological leap over the aging Earth centric architectures, vastly expanding global opportunities in space exploration & experimentation.

Kelly Larson, PhDc, Partner and CEO of Aquarian Devices, has been building businesses, speaking internationally and guiding leaders through deep transformative experiences for 20 years. Utilizing a diverse background with a wide range of tools and capacities, she brings a uniquely adaptable and strategic skill set to any situation. Kelly is an innovator at the intersection of business, spirituality and science.
Aquarian Devices came together in Boulder, CO, in 2016, born of Michael Hackman’s 20 year vision of evolving aerospace strategies in order to holistically enable humanity's expansion into space. He grounded his vision into a powerful plan based on thriving in space instead of simply surviving. He curated a core team, bringing together the strategic business acumen of Kelly Larson, the results oriented genius of Becky Strauss and the evolutionary technology architectures of Wayne Davis. As a team they are committed to service, collaboration and powerful results that benefit our species and our planet.

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