The Art Rising with Angeline Chen

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Episode 073

Angeline Chen, San Francisco

Angeline Chen co-founder of The Art Rising. Their mission is to bring about through art social change and environmental impact.

The Art Rising was founded in 2015 by Angeline Chen and Kyle Block.
It is a project to create bridges across cultures, explore our collective consciousness and give back to the World. 


From Kyle and Angeline: 


We begin by traveling to a region in the World .

We seek out indigenous artists to support and collaborate with.
We learn about the social, economic and environmental circumstances in that region

and how we can give back.

Our art is an exploration of the mysteries of our existence.
How are we connected across time, space, culture, language, and experience?
How can we utilize this momentous time of knowledge, imagination, technology, resources and change to empower positive action?
How can we inspire art as a tool for transformation into a more healthy, peaceful and just World?

Our latest project is called Samaki, a collaboration with Burmese, Thai and Khmer woodcarvers. It inspired us to build an artificial reef in the Gulf of Thailand and build a playground in a Burmese Refugee Camp.

We will continue building sculptural reefs and visiting refugee communities to develop art installations that can provide farming, free energy, internet, education and art.

We will continue developing new projects by visiting new regions in the world to begin the process again."

Julian Guderley