Living on Purpose in a state of inquiry and from listening - with Michael Trainer

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Episode 072

Michael Trainer, Los Angeles

Todays interview is with Michael Trainer, he is the co-creator of Global Citizen, a music festival dedicated to ending poverty, and the founder of Peak Mind, which helps people achieve peak performance through meditation.

Michael and Julian had the amazing opportunity to watch an early screening of the movie "THE TWELVE" together in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

"Every aspect of our daily lives is an extension of [...] our spirituality." -
Michael Trainer

In this episode Michael talks about the concept of Heart Rhythm in community and our global collective. Learning from indigenous knowledge and wisdom. Further about our collective responsibility and possibility of potential that our modern world is moving into. Michael is a pragmatic optimist and sees us in a unique timeline to face the profound challenges of the our times.

"It is in the gift of our service that we receive." -
Michael Trainer

Michael's latest endeavour Peak Mind was created to bring the thought leaders of our time together to inspire a new vision for leadership amidst the challenges and opportunities of our time. He is currently focused on the potential of the block chain for scalable social impact and the frontiers of functional medicine.

“When we take proactive steps to set the visions for our lives and for our day, we’re really set up for success and we’re less apt to fall into the reactive drift of other people’s agenda.” – Michael Trainer

Julian Guderley